I am moving over to tumblr because it is easier to use and prettier for my purposes.  WordPress is great, but it is suited for the more prolific/ blogosphere orientated sort.  I just need somewehere to update my legions of fans.  ttfn, wordpress…



New Comic Up

August 23, 2008

Both of you go and read it…  Mushroom McLoud

NEw eP oUt noW

August 11, 2008

GAME E.P is a bold new direction for me, in that it is actually listenable.  It’s pretty cool and has a remix by Telos on it, grab it free here

I’m Shilling

July 26, 2008

I was interested in how easy it is to set up a online T-Shirt shop, and have ended up with one on ‘Zazzle’.  Come and have a look, I’ll be putting more (and better) shirts up soon.  Maybe you could be first in your school to own this little beauty…


July 26, 2008


July 26, 2008

Not content with wrecking Ian’s songs I have now taken to wrecking Harriet’s artwork.

Chinese Whispers

July 25, 2008

New Comic Up.

Quick Interest Check… Does anyone actually read this blog and/or comic?  A comment or email would be appreciated, I just hate the idea that I’m pissing into the wind.

Dead Geraniums EP

July 14, 2008

Sherlock Cock has made a little EP, he doesn’t refer to it as his debut EP as he is still considering himself a rank amateur until he gets his hands on some real audio production software.  In the meantime you can go and download the nine minutes of heaven he has on offer; savefile link.

Sherlock Cock…

July 5, 2008

Is on Myspace now www.myspace.com/sherlockcock.  He is over their pimping his musical miscarriages.  Why not add him?  He likes you.


July 5, 2008

There is a new comic up over at TizerSoze.co.uk

As ever, don’t get too excited.  There is some more comics and some Sherlock Cock stuff coming soon too.  And some Horoscropes maybe.

And I’m trying to reconceive Horse and Pylon

But mainly I will be playing Grand Thefto Auto 4 and watching Deadwood