Now, all though I made the executive decision not to use this comic/blog as a link dump for youtube videos, I really do need to get this one out of my system…  So before you skip over this post, just hear this: This is, without exaggeration,  the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

The background is quite simple, an American public access channel gave a cookery show to a mentally disabled man in the early 90s.  Only one show was produced.  Everything that could go wrong goes wrong, and Merrill’s ramblings turn into increasingly disturbing impressions of famous American figures, in what is some truly ‘car-crash’ viewing.  However, if you read around Merrill’s legend, you will find a lot of people who celebrate his warmth and enthusiasm, and I would argue that even though he segues from topic to impression with no human logic, when he is trying, he is genuinely, rather than unintentionally, funny.

The video below is an edited down 10 minute highlight version of the show, and if you enjoy it, I advise you nip to youtube, search for Merrill and watch the full length show.  I only hope I haven’t talked it up too much now…


A Call to Arms

August 25, 2007

Sometimes, when I need a fix of melodramatic, passive aggressive hipster sham ‘art’, I head over to Postsecret. Don’t be fooled by that spew of bile in my previous sentence, I genuinely am a fan of postsecret, but I’m a fan in the same red-cheeked-eyes-down way I am a fan of screamo, or Die Hard 4.0. It’s utter faux posuer wank, but it’s self aware so it is… post-modern 2.0…

Anyhow, I am such a fan of Postsecret that I actually bought the huge hardback coffee table book the site owner edited together as a birthday present for a very good friend. I readthe site regularly, and have always been on the fence as to whether it is a guilty pleasure or a pathetic cancer I need to cut out of my life. Recently this video was brought to my attention, in which the administrator of the site waxes lyrical about the beauty and emotion of these pieces of highly personal cardboard insight that tumble through his letterbox every day. accompanied by the dulcet tones of some godawful female singer songwriter. As overwhelmed as this bloke may have been by the “soulful” “frailty and heroism” of the submissions, he wasn’t so overwhelmed that he decided against taking these people’s most difficult inner struggles and cobbling them together in a huge coffee table book at £15 a pop.

So, yes, Postsecret see-saws between genuinely interesting and often moving whimsy-art and smug hipster posturing and profiteering. It is this love hate relationship I have with the site that made Sujata’s idea of spoofing the youtube video so appealing. We have decided to recreate the video montage of heartfelt confessions using our own creations… ‘the postcards that were too fucking shit to make it onto the site’. Whether it be confessions that are universal truths, barely sinful or pure gibberish, we want your attempts. Imagine you are autistic, and want to send something to Postsecret… that is the approach we are after! Send any ideas or submissions to me or Su at her site. To get the ball rolling, here is my first submission:

MS Paint Ding

August 24, 2007

In lieu of getting off my anus and drawing a new comic, I made a new banner thing as part of my plan for shameless plug domination:

I will also take this opportunity to dump three pictures I made to test out my new set of awesome felt tips. They are of my pal Ian, in his sunglasséd alt-electro guise as ‘Telos’. Check out his myspace for some electro knob-bothering grooves.

Post Cock

August 21, 2007

On My High Horse

August 17, 2007

Are you reading Pivotal Moments in Evolution Yet?   You should be, although she hasn’t updated recently, for as we all know, Americans are fat, complacent and lazy.

I bought some albums recently, courtesy of the ridiculously good Borders sale, so I thought I’d list them here to see if anyone else out there is  a fan…

  • Nightmares on Wax – In a Space Outta Sound
  • Lamb – What Sound
  • Cut Copy – Bright Like Neon Love
  • Four Tet – DJ Kicks
  • Coldcut – Sound Mirrors
  • TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain
  • Eels – With Strings Live at Town Hall
  • Frank Black – Fast Man Raider Man
  • Exit Music – (A compilation of DJs and Producers doing Radiohead covers)

Oh!  And for anyone who was a fan of The 99p Challenge, Armando Iannucci’s Charm Offensive is available now on the Radio 4 Listen Again Pages… it’s pretty much the same thing, and this week his guests are Stewart Lee and Mark Watson.

An quick update

August 13, 2007

I have just rediscovered GTA San Andreas.  Don’t expect any comics anytime soon.  In the meantime, why not check out Swellzombie’s marvellous comic?

You Love Horse and Pylon

August 11, 2007


Fun with Captions 11-08-07

August 11, 2007


Why not play yourself, with the ‘I can haz cheezburger’ factory here!

Wardley Legion Club – 9PM this Friday
The Monologues, The North East’s premiere party-hard covers band*
50p entry

I’ll be there, anyone fancy a drinky drink?

*I can’t personally vouch for this.

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Quick nod to Queeny for being a master…