Bug Bite

November 28, 2007


Written after ODing on the best part of spleenal’s blog/comic. He’s kindly contributing to NOPE and his work is top shelf. Top shelf Tesco cake, as a friend of mine would say.


An Englishman in America

November 27, 2007


Obviously this isn’t what I really think about America.  But just try a twinkie, I dare you, they taste like gammon sweat and sugar-death.  In other news, I’m getting a tablet next week, say hello to vaguely decent looking comics!

Nope Magazine site now online

November 25, 2007

The site for my low-fi magazine venture ‘the NOPE magazine’ is now online


With a forum too!


Come on by and join in!

Another Works Outing Ruined

November 25, 2007


Horoscropes – November 2007

November 24, 2007

Aries – You finally connect with that special someone when you smash through their windshield on Wednesday.

Taurus – You will feel like Noah’s Ark on Tuesday, when some barnyard animals come on you. two at a time.

Gemini – On Monday you will deliver what will be called ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade of PowerPoint presentations’ by your lecturer/ boss/ hostage.

Cancer – This week you will prove that technically all fireworks can be ‘indoor fireworks’.

Leo – That creepy ventriloquist’s dummy that haunted your dreams as a child finally catches up with you this weekend. It turns out all he ever wanted was a hug.

Virgo – You will pull a ‘Kramer’ on Wednesday, over what constitutes a ‘meal deal’, with the Nigerian lady at Boots. On Friday you will issue an awkward apology in the Debenhams staff newsletter.

Libra – This Thursday sees you searching for Daniel Bedingfield in wikipedia after wondering why he’s being so slow with a second album. You will then pause, turn the PC and lights off, and take stock of what your life could have been.

Scorpio – You will regret the good relationship you have built with that elephant, early this week, when he gives you a ‘friendly tusking’

Sagittarius – On Friday you will regret laughing at Parole Officer Hardon’s name.

Capricorn – Improve the reaction to your flashing these coming weeknights, but shouting ‘Death to the West!’ before ripping open your coat on the Metro. Then you are free to misinterpret the smiles of relief on your victim’s faces as astonishment.

Aquarius – You will sign up for hypnotic regression seminars this Tuesday, after R Kelly mentions you by name in his new ballad.

PiscesThis month’s Pisces Horoscope has been written by Kevin C. Ahmed, acclaimed star of ‘Just Gayin’ it up’ on NBC, and the new movie The Cream-pie Guy (out Dec 9th) On Saturday you will discover that the cheerleader uniform hidden in your wife’s closet was not a sexy surprise for you, but a birthday present for your daughter, when you are questioned by the police over the note you left in the pocket.


That’s all for this month, folks, do go over to Kevin C. Ahmed’s webcomic ‘I pretend I’m making a comic about prison rape but really all my punchlines are things that guys have said to me in real life behind the park toilets’, as I have contributed to the latest comic.

Das Rat

November 24, 2007

Carl Rogan’s MS Paint comic ‘Das Rat’ is up and running over here, and so far, so good.   Go have a peep, peeps.

Robot Fertility Clinic

November 24, 2007


God on the Phone Redux

November 23, 2007

Insomniac pal Carl Rogan has taken it upon himself to append my talking-to-Jesus-on-the-phone comic with some bitter hang ups and swipes at religion of his own. Well played, sir. Click to make biggerer.


EDIT: Carl has now started an impromptu webcomic of his own at http://dasrat.wordpress.com/


November 23, 2007


God on the Phone

November 22, 2007