Crutch Jam

February 27, 2008


RJD2’s Work it Out was easily one of my favourite songs of last year and until today I hadn’t even realised it was released as a single, let alone had a video… And what a video it is. I dont like posting links to non-friends stuff up here, but if you haven’t seen this video you need to go and do so now. Oh and if you ever wondered what he looks like, that’s RJD2 in the blue shirt with the beard.

Edit: I am informed that this video is months old and that I am a doddering internet grandad.  Still though, it rocks and you should watch it AGAIN if you’ve seen it already.


New Telos Single…

February 25, 2008

Andi Peters fanatic and electronoizemaestro Ian has a new three track single up for free download…  Why not nip over and grab it like the pathetic freebie grabbing half wit you are.  You make me sick.

Bear With Me Records

Puzzle Corner with Ill Bill!

February 24, 2008



February 23, 2008

The Perry Bible Fellowship is ending!

How sad.  The PBF site is down, and I can’t find much more news on this.  Anyone know anything?

They’re chatting about it over on somethingawful but it’s mainly just cries of despair rather than info as to why Gurewitch has decided to deprive the internet of its one truly great comic.

Campaign Poster

February 22, 2008

At work we are having an election for a Colleague/management interface team member. I decided to persuade co-workers to vote for me by actually running on an issue, while my punk political opponents resorted to methods like handing out sweets and being well liked by everybody. I mocked up a poster and was informed that I couldn’t post it in the shop because a) it makes a mockery of the scheme, and b) because last time I posted a comic on the wall it almost got me fired. I lost my A4 original, so I have recreated it here, and added a few elements there previously wasn’t room for. I’m a shoe-in.


Today, my friends, is a good day.  I flicked onto my blog stats and discovered that I am now receiving search referrals for the word ‘marmot’.  This whole venture has finally born fruit.  If you check this comiblog (blogmic?)  regularly, thank you very much.  Like most webcomics, mine is just a childish cry for attention, but every kind comment I get feed my ego  a little tidbit and makes my days run a little smoother.  Anyhow, enough of that gay shit, I am just posting to pimp Ian and Chris live show from Tuesday, which they have taped and stuck on youtube.  It contains two references to Andi Peters, and that can only be a good thing.

Part One

Part Two 

Make Believe

February 20, 2008


Okay, so maybe this comic isn’t great, but tell me the source image below isn’t the funniest thing you’ve seen this week! (I have no idea who took this photo to give them the credit).


Hurrah! Hurrah!

February 16, 2008


Coming Soon

February 16, 2008

No new comics at the moment because I am working on my new character.


Valentines Dismay

February 14, 2008

Sujata and I traded Valentines this year.  Here is hers to me…


And now mine to her (it’s a kitten riding a liger)…