Search Party

April 30, 2008

I’m so dull and down,

That the light at the end of my tunnel

Will be the torches of the search party

After the cave in

During a tour

Of the Great Orme Copper mines,

In North Wales,

Which is now open Sundays,

With free admission for under-5s

After I’m excavated I’ll probably

Have a peek in the gift shop.


I will then spend an hour haggling

Over the price of a key-ring torch.


Stick with Me

April 30, 2008

I rammed up a new comic today, I’m still uploading pages of the small print comic I abandoned, so some of you will have already seen it. When life gives me lemons of talentlessness, I make talentless lemonade. If you have a spot in your mental register for a new webcomic, I would like to recommend Christiann’s Post-it note comics… I’d post an example but wordpress is being gay. Just go and look at these, the Orange Juice panel is one of my favourite comics ever, and I’ll be stealing the one panel/post it idea soon enough.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to return to my misery.

DJ N-Wee – The Slack Album (Jay-Z’s Black Album versus Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted)

This album was never off my mp3 player when I worked all those shitty temp jobs and it got me through months worth of drizzly commutes. Then it disappeared when Dangermouse got done for The Grey Album. But some kindly soul has uploaded it back online and I suggest you all go and get it.


April 14, 2008

There’s a new comic up over at the site. I don’t have much to talk about at the moment, I have been mainly learning to use music software whilst having nightmares about my dissertation deadline (3 weeks and I’ve barely started). On the bright side I did remix Telos’ new album top to bottom so maybe that will be around sometime soon for you to deeksy deek.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’d been messing around making a remix of one of my pals Telos’ song.  Well six hours later I have come up with this:

Yes, after six hours of fiddling with ‘Audacity’, I have made a ten track, seven minute  long album of sorts.  I’d loosely call it a remix album, since I have no musical ability whatsoever and all the samples are sourced from recent favourite songs.  I don’t know if the term ‘wreck up’ has been coined as a sub genre of ‘mash up’, but all I’ve really done is wreck some songs.  It’s unlistenable, pointless, pretentious and the most fun I’ve had in ages!  Since I don’t own the rights to any of these song I”m wary of putting the thing up for download, so hit me up on MSN or whatever if you want to hear what I’ve done.

PS… I guess if it runs just short of eight minutes it’s technically an EP?

PPS… If you are a member of a certain secret mixtape society you can get it there tomorrow.

Telos All About It

April 5, 2008

This post is a two parter – first, a heads up that my good friend Ian’s album is out and available for download here, it’s 12 tracks of noise and ambience and bells and whistles and clart. Oh, and he provides vocals for a few of the songs and he thinks he’s being very clever by having slipped in references to Dr Who, but I’ve spotted them Ian, you shan’t get away with it.

Secondly I decided to have a shot at remixing one of Telos‘ new songs and failed miserably. However it took a while to do and I now feel like a mother who has just born a hideous chiIld, so I’ve put it online for you to have a look anyway – EDIT – Link removed until I get Ian’s permission. But as the remix is fifty seconds of indecipherable clatter, I’m sure he wont mind. Check back in a bit.


April 5, 2008

Aspire for ’08!

April 4, 2008

I have spent the past few days making a little postcard size comic called Why Hip Hop Sucks in ’08, it is a little 16 page black and white pamphlet with a few poems, comics, doodles and jokes.  I’m essentially just ripping off Lizzlizz and David Shrigley, but I’m having fun and that’s all that matters.   If you would like a copy of this life changing document, then let me know in the comments, or email me.  Or hit me up on MSN (  I need to know how many to print.

In the meantime I am so lazy I have used a preview page as my latest comic update, go and have a look, and if it’s any recommendation, it’s in my top 5 favourite things I’ve ever drawn.


April 2, 2008

Took a week off because my tablet broke and I didn’t have any ideas anyway.  There’s a new comic up over at the site.  But it’s not really anything special.  I’ll get of my arse and do some proper strips soon.  I have been fascinated by this video recently… it is less a song and more of a death knell for Britain.  Who is giving these people money to make videos?  And why do these ’emmcees’ spend so much time telling you how great they are on the ‘mic’ and how hard it is to write lyrics, but then never demonstrate these so-called skills?  I stack boxes for a living, but if I just sat around the warehouse entrance telling everyone how good I was at stacking boxes, nothing would ever get done.

Mind you it’s quite catchy.