Beating the Gimp

March 1, 2008

I’m currently fighting to get my wacom tablet to work with GIMP, and I’m losing.  This is a shame because the line quality on GIMP is incredible and would finally rid my comics of their pixel-y sheen.  I’m determined to have the new site all up and ready by tomorrow so if I have to I will do another one in photoshop elements.   In the meantime here is an image I must have made whilst drunk…




February 23, 2008

The Perry Bible Fellowship is ending!

How sad.  The PBF site is down, and I can’t find much more news on this.  Anyone know anything?

They’re chatting about it over on somethingawful but it’s mainly just cries of despair rather than info as to why Gurewitch has decided to deprive the internet of its one truly great comic.

The Ferryman

October 20, 2007


Please… Someone I know MUST like full frontal art-hardcore? Anyone? I’ll buy the drinks…

An easy equation:

£100 of my money on bankroll

The Ladyboys of Bangkok in town for the best part of a month.

Want to come along? leave a comment.

Here is a list of people who aren”t allowed to say no

Harry-Hat, Jamie, Amber, Queenie, Paulomunky, Med, ME.

Anything surplus is spent on cocktails

PS I’m filing this fucker under TRAUMA

Traumatising pictures 09/09/07

September 9, 2007